The Ross School Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation run by a Board of Directors of dedicated parent and community volunteers with professional expertise in a variety of areas, including fundraising, finance, development, business, and marketing. Strong supporters of Ross School, RSF Board Members understand that a public education is free, but an award-winning education is not.

Executive Board

Megan Pavelka, President

Jim Robillard, VP/Campaign Chair

Kevin Weston, Treasurer

Amy Sagues, Communications


Kevin Weston, Golf Tournament Co-Chair

Jay Cahan, Golf Tournament Co-Chair


Dr. Michael McDowell, ex officio



Paige Aboukatar

Thomas Abramo

Allison Abta

Shelley Cahan

Roger Dickerson

Chris Dunham

George Eichleay

Tallie Fishburne

Scott Fletcher

Zack Georgeson

Wyeth Goodenough

Brian Hunt

Melissa Koerner

Robyn Luhning

Ian McGuire

Jim Robillard

John Scarborough

Collin Shewey

Evan Singer

Julie Stoll





Meetings are generally held on Tuesdays once each month at 7pm in the Ross School Library and other locations, which will be announced. Meeting dates are posted in the ePocket and on the school website calendar.